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Hello, my name is Lena Larsen. I am a mortgage professional at Conexia Mortgage located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you have been surfing the web looking for mortgage related information, you have come to the right place!

Did your bank say it's the best mortgage rate they could possibly offer you?!! The truth is they will offer an even LOWER RATE to a mortgage broker!

When you need a mortgage to buy a house or it is time to renew your existing mortgage, where would you go? A typical reply will be: "To my bank!" But did you know that you can get a much lower rate by calling a mortgage broker, whose services will be absolutely FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU?! A lot of people believe that mortgage brokers help mostly folks who have difficulty obtaining mortgage financing. This is not quite the case. Most of my clients are people with good credit and stable employment. Any bank will be happy to give them a mortgage, but they choose to work with me because they don't have time to waste calling various banks so that they are cerian that they are getting the best deal possible.

Besides every bank has fixed hours of operation and taking time of work is quite inconvenient for most. A mortgage broker will work around your schedule and the new technology will allow you to complete the whole process without leaving your home or office.

This site offers wealth of mortgage related information. It is geared towards people who prefer to do their research so that they can make an informed decision regarding what mortgage would suits their sutiation best. You could also give me a quick phone call or send an email and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you for visitng my web-site!

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Customer Testimonials

It is the first time I ever used services of a mortgage broker, and for sure I will do it again. I am very pleased with Lena's service, level of expertise and what I find most important, she actually delivers what she promises - no games, no gimmicks. She got me an unbelievably low rate, met with me after work to sign all the papers, and her services cost me absolutely nothing. You can't go wrong here! Thank you!

Kim J. - Calgary

Lena was recommended to us by a friend. She does most of her business on referral basis which says a lot about the quality of her service. Out of many variable mortgages she offered, she found us exactly the variable product that suited our needs and future plans. We would definitely recommend her as a top class broker!

Alex G. - Calgary